8 Valuable Features That Make Us A Top Hosted PBX Provider In Columbus Ohio

DataTalk is a leading hosted PBX provider in Columbus, Ohio; and here are 8 features that make our services so valuable for countless businesses!

If you’re thinking about switching your business phone system to a hosted PBX provider like DataTalk, then you’re definitely putting your company on the right track towards long-term IT solutions.

Our hosted PBX phone systems are many times cloud-based, which means that the entirety of your business phone system will be operated through a reliable Web connection. This has become increasingly valuable for countless companies during the COVID-19 pandemic because these systems allow your employees to answer business calls from any location, not just within your office.

On this page we’ll be discussing some of the top PBX features that business leaders should know about while they’re making these types of investment decisions, so here are 8 valuable features that help distinguish us as one of the top PBX providers in Columbus, Ohio!

1. Auto Attendant

The auto attendant feature makes it a lot easier for businesses to have their calls directed to proper departments, which subsequently increases your customer service and efficiency for each and every call!

Another name for auto attendant is “virtual receptionist”, and this is because the automated system will greet each caller and then help guide them to the appropriate team members to address their specific needs.

So auto attendant will always go a long way in terms of reducing the costs of full-time receptionists, and it’ll make your callers and potential clients much more satisfied due to the increased efficiency they’ll receive. There is also an added sense of professionalism with an auto attendant feature, because simply thanking each caller for their business and attention will support your efforts towards develop your company’s overall credibility!

2. Call Analytics And Reporting

This PBX feature is unbelievably important for larger businesses that manage very busy sales teams and call centers, because this feature provides you with vital data about your overall usage. Some of these analytics include the following:

  • Overall time spent on each phone call
  • Number of missed, answered and toll-free business calls
  • The times of day that are most popular for your business calls
  • Which team members are answering the most callsAnd a lot more!

This data provides business leaders with valuable insights towards how efficient your team is while utilizing your phone system, and it can help you figure out how to collaborate amongst your employees to better ensure that everyone is being as efficient as possible.

It’s important to recognize successful moments and areas that need improvement within your business, and our PBX phone systems will help make this easier for you!

3. Video And Audio Conferencing

It’s important for business leaders to simply understand just how multifaceted cloud-based PBX phone systems are, because they support professional teams with so much more than simply receiving phone calls!

You’ll also be able to host video and audio conference calls amongst your team members, which tend to be of a much higher quality as compared to Zoom and other conferencing apps that have recently become popular.

All you’ll need to do is initiate a virtual meeting room, and then have your team members join. You’ll also be able to share screens between conference call members, which can go a long way in better explaining complicated information that requires a more visual approach.

And what’s great about these virtual conference calls is that you’ll not have to worry about glitching and lagging, because you’ll only require a strong bandwidth to support these types of meetings! 

4. Call Encryption (SRTP and TLS)

It’s unfortunate that data breaches happen all the time throughout the United States, which is why security is such an important factor for business leaders as they’re browsing for PBX phone solutions.

That’s why you should always work with a hosted PBX provider like DataTalk that offers call encryption, and our encryption services provide two unique layers of digital connection security. These security layers include:

  • Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Both of these layers will successfully ensure that each and every one of your business calls is thoroughly encrypted, so hackers and other types of eavesdroppers will not be able to gain access to any of the vital information within your business phone system!

5. Voicemail To Email

We’ve helped countless businesses that have struggled with really unorganized voicemail systems, but it’s important for business leaders to realize that this nuisance is something that they don’t need to worry about while utilizing one of our PBX phone systems.

The voicemail to email feature is really useful for countless businesses because it automatically takes the audio recordings from your voicemail box and sends them to your email inbox. So you’ll essentially get an email notification every time your business is left with a voicemail, and these emails will entail MP3 files of the actual audio message.

6. Advanced Queuing And Call Routing

Call queuing and call routing tend to be highly-coveted features associated with hosted PBX systems, and this is mainly because your call agents and sales reps won’t necessarily be able to answer every single call right as they come in. So instead of losing the call or keeping a caller on hold, they’ll simply be placed in a queue.

This queue will provide the caller with information like their expected wait time and position in line, and it’ll also provide them with an opportunity to hang up and have their position in line upheld. This many times is what callers will opt for so they can get back to their regular routine, as opposed to waiting on the line for you to answer them.

Call routing is really important as well because many calls will simply go to the wrong department or team members. So when you have an advanced call routing system in place, you’ll be able to re-route any call rather efficiently to the individuals that will best support a client’s unique needs.

7. Call Recording

Call recording is very useful for countless professional teams for a variety of purposes, including team training. Business leaders will be able to replay certain sales scripts that worked well, and then re-train team members to refine how they go about each of their calls.

Call recordings help in terms of teaching employees how to handle awkward situations, because you’ll have real-life examples to share with them. Call recordings are also highly valuable when it comes to the accountability of your staff members, because you’ll always be able to verify who said what when each call is recorded and kept for several months within a database.

8. Click To Call

Click to call is a very valuable business phone system feature because it makes getting in touch with your team much more seamless and easy for online users. There’s no doubt about it that online users prefer to have everything as convenient as possible for them, and click to call makes calling your team as easy as clicking on a webpage’s link.

This feature also goes a long way in terms of capitalizing on your overall web traffic, which can support your conversion rates.

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