Do You Know If Your VoIP Service Is Secure?

Countless businesses are switching to a VoIP service, and the DataTalk team is here to ensure that it’s 100% secure!

Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise referred to as VoIP, has become one of the most cost-effective, reliable business phone system solutions for countless businesses all throughout the United States and abroad. The DataTalk team is very proud to provide your company with a high-quality VoIP service that allows you and your employees to enjoy many great features and conveniences, but we’re also aware how privacy concerns are now more important than ever before.

We fully understand how you may be curious about the privacy associated with all of your VoIP conversations and collected data, and the good news is that DataTalk is here to make you feel much more rest assured about these concerns. Below we’ll be going into detail how we’ll help you and your business team secure your VoIP business phone system.

Use Our SaaS For VoIP Business Calls/Communications

What’s great about partnering up with DataTalk for your VoIP service is that we’ll provide you with a protected hosting solution so you don’t have to install and maintain your company’s entire VoIP infrastructure.

When you work with our specialists, you can always rest easy knowing that your system is fully operational and as up-to-date as possible.

Utilize A Router That Features A Firewall

If your company’s router just so happens to have a firewall, then you should definitely enable it to coincide with your VoIP service. A firewall will always go a very long way when it comes to blocking out any suspicious malware and online activity that may attempt to enter within your communications interface.

What’s also important for business leaders to know is that your current firewall might not necessarily be capable of recognizing your VoIP software, but our team will help you when it comes to ensuring that you obtain a firewall that does work well within your VoIP system.

Be Sure To Update Your Software On A Regular Basis

One of the best ways that you and your business team can ensure the overall privacy of your VoIP system is to update your VoIP software on a regular basis. This will help better ensure that your security measures are being upheld and revised within your network.

Vulnerable business software can be susceptible to hackers and ransomware criminals, which is why we recommend that you have your security software updated about four times each year. If you’re investing in a pure-hosted VoIP service with our team, then we’ll be sure to handle these updates for you so that your software is always on the cutting edge of digital security.

Utilize Data Encryption

It’s absolutely critical for business leaders to understand just how important it is to work with VoIP providers that encrypt all of your important data and information, because this helps you better ensure that no one can intercept your valuable information and exploit it.

Just about every reputable website encrypts their data these days, and if you’re not sure if your website is encrypted then you should take a look at your URL bar when on your site. If there’s a lock icon at the beginning of your URL, then your overall data and VoIP communications are officially encrypted and secure.

But if you don’t see a lock icon, then you should reach out to the DataTalk team and have us provide our comprehensive encryption services.

Work With A Reputable VoIP Provider

There’s no doubt about it that securing your VoIP system will take a whole number of unique steps, but the most important step you can take is simply putting your trust in a high-quality VoIP provider like DataTalk. We invest strongly in security, because we know just how important it is to provide comprehensive business phone system solutions.

Reliability is key for our team, and we’ll be there for your company when you need us. Contact us online or call us at 614-784-7100 to get in touch with our security specialists and learn more about how our VoIP business phone systems can secure your company’s important data!