FAQs About a Small Business Phone System

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when you’re planning on investing in a small business phone system, so here are some crucial answers!

business communication trends for a small business phone system

There are countless companies throughout Columbus and Central Ohio that are currently looking to invest in a small business phone system, and this is usually a big step for entrepreneurs as their professional teams are beginning to expand.

So if your small business is considering a new phone system, it’s natural to have a lot of questions and concerns on your mind. All of us at Data Talk want to make these types of telecom investments as easy as possible, which is why we’re helping business teams be more informed via answering all sorts of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

So here are some of the FAQs oriented around small business phone systems!

What exactly is a small business phone system?

A lot of small business teams aren’t quite sure what a small business phone system actually entails, and no, it’s not just your personal cell phone.

Small business phone systems technically are telephony solutions that help business teams receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. But today’s phone systems are much more complex, and they’ve recently become more attainable and relevant for small business purposes.

So your small business phone system will likely entail many other awesome features that allow you to forward and transfer calls throughout your business, which could potentially even go to your personal cell phone.

The main type of small business phone system in today’s marketplace is a VoIP phone system, which operates your system’s operations via the Internet. But you’ll of course also have the option to invest in a PBX phone system as well, which requires a little more hardware and IT expertise to manage (but is also a popular option amongst small businesses).

What should I look for in a small business phone system?

Every small business has unique telecom requirements, but there’s absolutely no denying how business phone systems are becoming more sophisticated in recent years.

So it’s a good idea for small business teams to be aware of the many features and functionalities associated with our phone systems while you’re in the planning stages, and some of the most popular features of our small business phone systems include:

  • Call forwarding to mobile phones
  • Call routing/transfers
  • Keep existing numbers/turning phones into business lines
  • Cloud-based capabilities
  • Caller ID
  • In-call encryption & cybersecurity
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Transcribed voicemails
  • Internal team texting & business SMS messaging
  • And LOTS more!

How do I choose the right phone system for my business?

Business phone systems are typically divided into subcategories that are based upon the number of employees using the system. These categories include:

  • Small businesses: 1-8 users
  • Medium-sized businesses: 8-16 users
  • Large businesses: 16-32 users
  • Corporations: 32+ users

When you’re establishing your small business phone system, you’ll of course have to keep the amount of lines and extensions you’ll need in mind. It’s also important for small businesses to maintain a certain amount of wiggle room for either positive or negative growth.

But when prepared properly with the support of the Data Talk team, small business phone systems can help companies save thousands on installation and service fees. And what’s even better is that these savings will continue throughout the future!

So deciding what type of system is right for your business will largely depend upon the amount of lines you’ll require, as well as the type of equipment your team needs. Your extensions are another major factor to consider, which essentially refers to the amount of devices at your company. Although most phone system devices will either be cell phones or handsets, your devices could also refer to modems, credit card terminals, fax machines, door phones, and other types of equipment that require a phone connection.

How will my small business phone system allow for future company growth?

Small business phone systems from Data Talk do so much more than handle your internal and external phone usage, because we understand how important it is for entrepreneurs to be prepared to save money over long periods of time with these types of investments.

Business expansion has never been more cost-effective with our phone systems, because you’ll now easily be able to increase your system’s capacity by adding new ports, equipment and users. We’ll be sure to initially set you up with a system that can be organically grown at your own pace, and we’ll help you throughout every step of the process as you’re adding new employees to your team!

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