Is VoIP Worth It For A Small Business Phone System?

VoIP services from Data Talk provide many benefits within a small business phone system!

conference bridges in a VoIP business phone system

No matter how big or small your business is, your team needs to be well-equipped with quality phone services that help you and your employees maintain daily efficiency. But a lot of business leaders still wonder whether or not it’s worth it to invest in a small business phone system, and many entrepreneurs are even more specifically concerned about the overall viability of a VoIP phone system when they don’t have a lot of employees.

The simple answer is yes, even small businesses are perfect for VoIP services, and the Data Talk team is ready to help your organization with all sorts of modern solutions. Below we’ll be detailing why VoIP is a worthy investment for small business leaders, how VoIP is different from conventional phone systems, and the easy steps to implement a VoIP system for your business!

Small Business Advantages of Using A VoIP Business Phone System

There’s of course a lot to consider when your business team is ready to commit to any particular business phone system, and this is especially the case for small businesses. It’s absolutely critical for small business owners to understand what they’re investing in when they’re getting a new phone system, which is why it’s subsequently important to know the many advantages associated with VoIP.

Below are some of the common VoIP advantages that support small businesses:


One of the biggest advantages associated with small business VoIP phone systems is that you won’t need to worry about maintaining any complicated equipment, which keeps initial investment costs rather low. Traditional phone systems will require all sorts of installations and wiring within your office, but with VoIP, your team will be using smartphones connected to laptops and desktops.

The virtual nature of VoIP helps small businesses obtain really affordable, advanced software, but without the need for extensive hardware. And another cost-effective benefit of VoIP is that your long-distance and even international calls won’t come at any extra costs due to the fact that your calls will be technically taking place through the Web!

VoIP’s Advanced Features

There are many different advanced features of VoIP phone systems that help small businesses everywhere, including:

  • Conference calling
  • Call routing
  • Internet faxing
  • Auto-attendant
  • SMS Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Toll-free numbers
  • E-mail
  • Call recording
  • And a lot more!

And what’s great about the implementation of these useful features is that it’s all bundled together within a comprehensive, straightforward communications solution. Every small business needs to be able to easily communicate with their clients and team members, which is why many VoIP users will enable their mobile phones so that they’re always connected when they need to be.

Data Talk is an industry leader when it comes to supporting small businesses with VoIP services, and our comprehensive telecom solutions will help you and your team with a sizable range of functions!

How VoIP Is Different Than Landlines

A lot of business leaders aren’t exactly sure what differentiates VoIP from traditional business phone systems (landlines), so below are some of the differences you should know about:


Traditional phone systems require all sorts of expensive equipment (cables, telephones, switching centers, etc.), but with VoIP, you likely already have the necessary equipment to run the phone system!


Landlines often are lacking in efficiency due to how these networks convert signals, but VoIP is much less congested. With VoIP, adding and subtracting phone lines is seamless, which helps you effectively and efficiently handle all your communication needs.


Most telecom companies only provide landline maintenance that’s specifically stipulated within a contractual agreement, and this type of hardware regularly requires upkeep.

VoIP ends up being a great solution for small businesses that don’t necessarily have their own IT team, because all the necessary maintenance that you’ll need will be conducted directly by the Data Talk specialists.

Five Easy Steps To Implement Your New VoIP Phone System

It’s likely that you’re beginning to realize just how much better VoIP is as compared to conventional phone systems, which means you may be ready to initiate the first steps towards your small business’ switch!

Another great feature of VoIP phone systems is that they’re relatively easy to prepare and implement, and the following steps are all it takes to bring your company’s communication strategies to a whole new level:

  • Choosing a service provider (like Data Talk) that best matches your specific needs.
  • Importing your existing phone numbers into the system.
  • Adding as many users into your VoIP service as you need.
  • Customizing your advanced features.
  • Fully integrating your VoIP system with other applications.

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