Key Benefits and Features of Cloud-Based Hosted Data Services

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is minimizing overhead. Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard way for businesses to access IT infrastructure, software and hardware resources. These cloud-based data services can dramatically reduce your costs.

Before the cloud, businesses had to spend time and money on purchasing or leasing equipment. They would then have to dedicate valuable storage space for the installation of hardware. A technical team would have to handle maintenance and upgrades, and when new innovations appeared, additional time and money would then be spent on software purchases and upgrades. Additionally, if there was a natural or man-made disaster, all data could be lost.

A cloud-based hosted data service can help improve your business in many ways.

Cost Savings

Eliminate redundancy and streamline costs by housing critical data in one location, enabling the data to be accessed and/or updated by multiple users while ensuring a single point for updates, avoiding expenses related to software and equipment updates.

Avoid the capital investment of equipment purchases and eliminate the need to install and dedicate space for equipment within your facility. Rather than purchasing and installing software or the hardware to support it, businesses can purchase a subscription for cloud-based data services at a reasonable monthly cost. Transitioning to a recurring operating expense also allows businesses to employ better and more predictable budgeting.


With cloud-based hosted data services, your business can quickly adapt to market changes and take advantage of opportunities as they appear. The limitations of housing your own data disappear.

Time Savings

You want to run your business. This means building a successful business plan and strategy, seeing opportunities, and leveraging them as part of your success. Managing equipment and giving your business access to the latest technology can be costly and time-consuming. Using a cloud-based hosted data service frees up time for you and your employees and enables you to focus on how best to grow your business and serve your customers.


Having access to the latest critical features to help support your business operations is an important consideration. Hosted data services give you access to more features and services, enabling your operations to become more productive and competitive.

Growth and Scalability

Cloud-based hosted data services offer vertical scalability, which gives businesses the option to access more, or fewer, services or features on-demand. On-site equipment can limit your growth and require substantial investments in order to increase your data storage, but a cloud-based hosted data service makes it easy to grow your business and the data needed to support it.

Security and Compliance

Data stored in the cloud is carefully encrypted and backed up so, in case of a power outage, fire, flood or any other man-made or natural disaster, your business can recover quickly without the loss of any of the data critical to your business operations. Cloud-based data services can also help you maintain compliance with any industry regulations you must follow as well as protect you from security threats such as ransomware.

Your Ideacom Network provider can help you assess your needs and find a cloud-based hosted data service that will bring your business these bottom-line benefits.