Three Reasons Why SMS & MMS Messaging Makes Sense For Your Business Communications

The art of effective business communications is always changing, and SMS/MMS text messages can give you the edge that you might need!

SMS and MMS messaging for your business phone system

A lot of business leaders don’t realize this, but text messages are actually one of the most responsive channels for business communication. It statistically out shines online chat, social media and e-mail!

This is largely because most consumers prefer to receive a text as compared to an e-mail or a phone call, and in general people expect to communicate with businesses via the channels they’re most used to. When it comes to your business phone system, there really is no better time than now to improve your customer experiences. When you utilize your phone system to message customers, it makes it a lot easier to communicate with your target audience on their terms.

There are two types of text messages that business leaders should know about, including:

  • Short Message Services (SMS), which is a technical term for text messages
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), which goes the next step to allow pictures, videos, GIFs and other media forms.

These technologies do wonders for any company when you’re trying to stay in touch with your customers and let them know about any special deals they may like, and below we’ll be going over three important reasons why SMS and MMS messages make sense for your business growth and customer satisfaction!

1. Announcing Promotions or Sales

One of the best ways to quickly get valuable information right in front of your target audience’s faces is via texts oriented around your products and services. A lot of companies will run special sales, and then let people know about these sales through marketing messages and pictures that promote the offers.

What’s also growing in popularity is sending your customers information about similar products to what they’ve already shown an interest in. This goes a long way to build customer relationships because it shows that you’re interested in showing them the things that they genuinely prefer!

2. Send Confirmations & Reminders

Text messages just so happen to be the perfect communication method when you’re trying to manage your company’s appointments, and this includes sending your clients confirmations and reminders. These types of messages will entail many important details to maintain the overall efficiency of your business, including dates, times and location details of appointments.

Your customers will be easily able to quickly reply with their confirmation, or they’ll be able to let you know if they need to reschedule.

Texts are also a great way to follow up on your appointments so your customers can provide feedback more easily. These messages will also be time stamped, which can sometimes help avoid potential disputes.

3. Building Customer Rapport And Gaining Valuable Feedback

Picture and text messages are great ways to build customer relationships, and today a lot of companies are taking the next step by implementing personalized content into their business communication strategies. An example of this would be a business messaging a client after an appointment to see how they liked their experience, and potentially offer a promotional deal on their next appointment.

Getting candid feedback from your customers can help you better know how your company is performing, and this can go a long way to help your customers feel more valued (which can make them more likely to come back for more of your products/services).

Business data is clearly showing that customers are much more likely to respond to a text message as compared to an e-mail, so SMS and MMS do in fact help improve customer relationships in tangible ways!

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