Tips To Help You Bolster Your Company’s Cloud Security

Every business needs to take their cloud security very seriously these days, and the Data Talk team is here to help you keep your valuable information safe!

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Your company’s cloud security refers to many facets of your data storage and business communication strategy, including the processes, technology, policies and controls oriented around protecting your data and overall infrastructure.

What’s great about partnering with Data Talk is that we offer some of the industry’s best cloud security, and we pride ourselves on being able to comprehensively protect your business data. We understand just how important it is to protect you and your clients’ privacy, and that service providers must always adhere to strict regulations.

Data breaches can always negatively impact a business from a financial, legal and reputational standpoint, and below are some of our tips in terms of how to bolster your company’s cloud security!

Utilizing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The unfortunate truth when it comes to hackers is that conventional username/password sign-ins aren’t enough protection these days. Today’s hackers can rather easily steal an individual’s credentials, and then subsequently gain access to your company’s applications and data.

What’s great about MFA is that it better ensures that only your team members will be able to get into your cloud-based apps. MFA will make sure that every login will require more than just a password, which typically also requires a cell phone’s pin or text-issued code.

This is by far one of the best strategies to enhance your overall security, and it’s important for all businesses to realize that hackers simply are out there and they’re attempting to breach business data all the time!

Thoroughly Managing Your User Access

When you address your user access, you’ll subsequently improve your cloud security. This means that you don’t necessarily have to provide every sliver of information to all of your team members that have access to your cloud infrastructure.

By establishing authorization levels, you can keep your most valuable data stored more securely. You can also ensure that each of your employees has direct access to the data that’s most pertinent to them.

You don’t want to find yourself in a scenario in which an employee has accidentally edited data that shouldn’t have been changed, and you also don’t want a hacker to steal an employee’s credentials and then have access to too much information.

These types of security standards are essentially par for the course when it comes to cloud security, but every business needs to make sure they’re doing their part to not put all their data eggs in one security basket!

Detecting Intruders Via Automated Solutions

Automated intruder solutions help business leaders when it comes to recognizing irregular login entries, or when unknown IP addresses or devices try to login to your cloud-stored data.

The Data Talk team will always let you know when these types of scenarios occur, and you’ll likely be surprised by just how often these types of shady tactics are implemented by hackers.

By investing in advanced cyber security solutions, you’ll put you and your entire company in a much better position to ensure your data safety for the long-term future.

Off-Boarding Processes

When an employee of yours is let go or leaves your business, they shouldn’t have any access to your data systems. What’s troubling is that this transition can sometimes take weeks to be fully implemented, which can be far too slow for a lot scenarios.

Revoking access to former employees is an important step within any cloud security strategy, and having off-boarding procedures will better ensure that you’re ready for these transitions.

Employee Scam Identification Training

There are countless strategies that scammers and hackers use when it comes to getting the attention of your employees. The intention of these techniques is to eventually gain access to your company’s secure data via an employee’s credentials, so it’s absolutely critical that your team members know how to identify a scam and won’t fall victim to hackers.

The Data Talk Team Is Here To Support Your Company’s Cloud Security Efforts!

Data Talk has helped countless businesses when it comes to cloud security, and our team of experts will always be there for you when issues arise.

We understand just how important it is to protect your most valuable information, and we’re one of the top data storage providers in the country.

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