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Find IP phone providers in Columbus, Ohio. At DataTalk, we’re here to help you select modern business phone systems. Learn more about our IP phone solutions.

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Upgrade Your Business with IP Phone Providers

DataTalk is one of the top internet phone providers in Columbus, Ohio. We can easily manage your complex business phone systems whether you’re a local small business or have multiple offices. We offer a wide range of IP telephony services including VoIP phone systems, IP PBX systems, SIP trunking, and cloud hosting. We’re proud to serve IP telephony solutions to business owners in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Hang up the phone on your outdated phone systems! The telephone was invented over a hundred years ago, but it’s important to stay up to date with new phone technology. It’s no wonder why the latest advancements in communication are focused on how to connect more quickly and with more features. Nowadays customers expect a certain level of expediency and quality in your communication. Our society has become more connected through our mobile phones and computers than ever before. Learn more about Internet supported communication for your business.

What is Internet Phone Service?

Internet phones or IP telephony refers to any phone system that connects to the Internet to send and receive voice audio. IP phones are the latest phone technology and offer some of the most advanced features. Internet phones allow you to avoid placing calls through the traditional phone company. We no longer need telephone poles, old copper wires, and the central phone office to make calls. The Internet is widespread and reliable enough for us to utilize it for calling. The most important aspect of IP telephony is broadband or high-speed internet.
You have probably already used IP telephony in some type of form even if you didn’t know it. Popular audio and video calling applications like WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Phone use the concept of IP telephony for their services.

When people refer to internet phones, they’re typically referring to a specific system called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is quickly becoming the preferred option for business telecom services. You can find many options for internet phone services and providers. IP technology can also be integrated into your PBX phone systems. This concept is known as IP PBX and is a blend of the commonly-used business phone system with modern Internet-supported technology. If you’re not sure which system is best for your business needs, contact our team of experts at DataTalk and we can walk you through your options.


Embrace Advanced Features with IP Phones

Many companies find themselves making the jump to high-tech phone systems. Solid communication management can increase employee productivity and provide a better experience for your customers. IP phones allow us to organize complex forms of communication with simple management. There are many advanced features to consider in setting up your internet phone service:

  • Multiple lines – a phone system that supports having more than one line
  • Automated attendant – customizable stand-in receptionist
  • Voicemail – for leaving a message, there are options to send voicemail directly to email for simplified management
  • Conference calls – multiple people on the same call for a meeting
  • Hold music – soothing audio for your customers (you don’t want your customers listening to silence and counting the seconds while they wait for you to answer their call or figure out a solution to their question)
  • Call queues – if you tend to have a high call volume, you may want to consider a call queue, which helps provide the estimated waiting time to the caller and organizes the waitlist
  • Phone Directory – an organized system to keep track of your callers with a directory of their names and numbers
  • Caller ID – edit your company name in place of the number that pops up on your customer’s phone when you call (being easily recognizable makes people trust your call and answer the phone)
  • Call Recording – record calls to help improve your employees’ customer service by playing the recorded real-life examples during training sessions. Recording calls also allows you to listen to phone calls where there is a disagreement or issue between a customer and employee.
  • Call Forwarding – easily direct phone calls to different phone lines
  • Call Park—a method of putting a call on hold so that another person can pick it up
  • Instant Messaging – connect your phone system with instant text messaging through computer software or mobile phone application
  • Softphone Software – computer software that is installed to assist in receiving and placing calls with internet support instead of the traditional phone company
  • Find Me/Follow Me – a mobile-friendly feature to ensure you never miss a call
  • Contact Center – combine all communication methods with customers into a singular organized platform
  • Personalization—adapt your phone system to your individual needs
  • Integration—connect your phone system with other platforms like your customer relationship management system (CRM)

DataTalk Provides Small Business Owners with IP Phone Solutions

When assessing your business phone needs, the number of options and providers can be overwhelming. At DataTalk, we provide complex phone systems with genuine customer service. We are proud to have over fifty years of experience. We have worked with several different industries in their communication needs, including healthcare facilities. We’ve also worked with small business owners throughout Columbus.

We bring our passion and knowledge for IP telephony to help local businesses to reach their full potential. DataTalk is an independent distributor of some of the top service providers like MITEL, SAMSUNG, TADIRAN, and INTERMEDIA. We offer our expertise in your business phone systems
  • VoIP
  • PBX
  • IP Telephony
  • Cloud-based systems
  • SIP Trunking

We’ve been happily serving Ohio business owners since 1963. Our office is located in north-central Columbus. It’s our passion to help local businesses. You can find us in the neighborhood of Clintonville, just down a ways from the Columbus Park of Roses and the Olentangy River. We’re proud to serve our local community here in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. And of course, we’re OSU Buckeye fans!

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your business phone system. Keep your customers calling and your phones working. Contact us today for your advanced phone solutions!