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At DataTalk, we’re the experts in business phone systems. Whether you’re interested in PBX, VoIP, or Cloud-based systems for your office, we can help.

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Phone Solutions for All Business Types

DataTalk is an Ohio-based company that has mastered the complex architecture of business phone systems to bring you simplified solutions. We’re located in Columbus, Ohio and we serve local businesses and national companies alike. With over fifty years of experience in the telecom industry, we have helped tons of businesses integrate telephony solutions that best fit their needs.

Increase Connectivity and Productivity with Business Phone Systems

It’s been well over a hundred years since the invention of the telephone, but phone calls continue to be a vital form of communication. Luckily, we aren’t stuck using our great grandparent’s phones. Technology has evolved tremendously to meet our needs and further our advancements. Modern phone systems expand your business capacity. Keep your customers satisfied and your staff on track with a properly selected and installed phone system. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to find the right phone system for your unique business.


Assess your current communication needs and long-term goals.

  • Do you have a high call volume?
  • Do you need to stay connected with off-site/remote employees?
  • Would you benefit from advanced features to your phone system?
  • Is scalability important to you?
  • Is your data secure and backed up to the cloud?
VoIP phone service | VoIP phones Columbus Ohio - Data-Talk

Work with a telecom service provider that you trust.

  • Do they have expert knowledge of business phone systems?
  • Are they experienced in working with businesses within your industry?
  • Do they offer a range of business phone options?
  • Do they have excellent customer service?
Business Phone Systems

Phone Systems for Your Small Business

KSU Phone System

A KSU phone system or a key systems unit is one of the most basic functioning business phone systems there is. The key systems unit is named after a central switching device that controls the phone lines. The KSU system is able to handle the needs of small businesses, but it is quite limited in terms of capability. This is one of the most basic systems for office phones. This type of system cannot support advanced features, which is a big reason why many businesses are opting for newer systems instead of the key systems unit.

PBX Phone System

A PBX phone system, also known as a private branch exchange, is a multi-line system that serves a private organization without the use of external lines. PBX phone systems have been the trend for decades now because they allow businesses to handle and direct calls within their own company. It’s a complex in-house telephony system that organizes all of the phone lines. There are different types of PBX systems available. The standard traditional PBX system has been making room for more specialized versions like IP PBX or hosted PBX, which integrate the most recent phone technology to the concept of traditional PBX.


VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the latest trend in business phone systems. VoIP relies on the Internet to route incoming and outgoing calls instead of the traditional phone company. With the reliability of the internet and it’s widespread use, business phone trends are rapidly veering in this direction.

Take your business to the Cloud.

PBX and VoIP systems can be hosted by the Cloud. One of the best aspects of a cloud-based system is that it’s completely off-site. You’re not stuck with ongoing server maintenance at your office. All of your phone data will be backed up to the cloud and can be easily accessed, which means you’re protected from a natural disaster ruining your vital information. Cloud-based systems allow you to grow your business with ease and even work remotely.

Features of Business Phones

When selecting the right phone system for your office, it’s important to take into consideration the possible features of your business phone system. There are many features that can assist you in increasing your productivity while providing excellent customer service:

  • Multiple lines – a phone system that supports having more than one line
  • Automated attendant – customizable stand-in receptionist
  • Voicemail –send voicemail directly to your email when you’re unavailable
  • Conference calls – multiple people on the same call for a meeting
  • Hold music – soothing audio for your customers (you don’t want your customers listening to silence and counting the seconds while they wait for you to answer their call or figure out a solution to their problem)
  • Call queues – if you tend to have a high call volume, you may want to consider a call queue, which helps provide the estimated waiting time to the caller and organizes the waitlist
  • Phone Directory – an organized system to keep track of your callers with a directory of their names and numbers
  • Caller ID – edit your company name in place of the number that pops up on your customer’s phone when you call (being easily recognizable makes people trust your call and answer the phone)
  • Call Recording – record calls to help improve employee customer service by playing the recorded real-life examples during training sessions; recording calls also allows you to listen to the exact conversation after a customer conflict
  • Call Forwarding – easily direct phone calls to different phone lines
  • Instant Messaging – connect your phone system with instant text messaging through computer software or mobile phone application
  • Softphone Software – computer software that is installed to assist in receiving and placing calls with internet support instead of the standard office phone
  • Find Me/Follow Me – a mobile-friendly feature to ensure you never miss a call
  • Contact Center – combine all communication methods with customers into a singular organized platform

Business Phone Systems in Columbus, Ohio

DataTalk provides premium phone solutions for businesses in Columbus, Ohio. Our office is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Clintonville, north of downtown Columbus. We’re OSU Buckeye fans through and through! Our passion doesn’t stop there—we’re proud to serve our hometown and support local businesses with complex phone systems. We’re experts in VoIP, PBX, cloud systems, and SIP trunking. We’re happy to help you find and install a phone solution that best fits your needs. Contact us today to upgrade your phone system!