7 Great Benefits That Businesses Experience When They Switch To A Cloud Based Business Phone System

A cloud based business phone system can support your business team in a whole variety of important ways!

There’s no doubt about it that small and mid-sized businesses are continuing to grow and adapt to all sorts of technological advancements, and this particularly pertains to scaling up and down within a phone system.

cloud based business phone system enables businesses to more easily manage their scaling and communication services within a more streamlined, cost-effective methodology, and the DataTalk team has supported countless businesses in transitioning to an “office in the cloud” from traditional phone lines.

Below we’ll be going over 7 really awesome benefits that business leaders should keep in mind as they’re contemplating whether or not they should make the move to the cloud for their communication efforts, so here are some of the advantages to cloud based business phone systems that you should know about:

1. Having Your Communications System Fully Integrated

One of the first and foremost benefits associated with a cloud based business phone system is an increased efficiency throughout your entire company, and this is because the seamless nature of these phone systems will provide your team with the everyday applications and workflow procedures that they need to stay on top of their daily duties.

Cloud-based business tools are always rather easy to operate, and your team will remain connected no matter where they’re located. This has been particularly beneficial for businesses during the pandemic as they’ve transitioned to remote working, and this trend looks as if it’s only going to continue to grow into the future.

When you have a fully-integrated communications system, your team will more easily be able to access their email, CRM tools, voice/video conferencing and instant messaging; which in the long run goes far towards keeping everyone on the same page!

2. Having More Control Over Your Communication Methods

Business leaders are in the driver’s seat when they utilize a cloud based business phone system, because you’ll be able to decide which features your team needs and even turn them on and off as you need them.

There are many different calling features associated with these systems, and what’s great is that your business team will be able to access these features from their smartphones, laptops, tablets and all sorts of other devices. And what’s even more important is that your team will always have easy access to the software that they need to get their daily tasks completed.

3. Top Notch Business Features

A lot of small businesses are choosing to switch to the cloud for their business phone solutions because they’ll gain access to a lot of network applications that typically would only be available for large, corporate teams. Some of these features include things like Auto Attendant, Virtual Assistant, all sorts of call center solutions, and so much more!

4. Increased Mobility And Seamless Usability

We all know how the modern workplace is becoming more mobile than ever before, and even small businesses these days need to be capable of simultaneously operating in multiple locations.

Cloud based business phone systems allow small to mid-sized businesses of all types to always have access to their important data and features, and your team will be able to log in from literally anywhere with Internet connection. This provides your team with a greater sense of control over their daily routines, and this leads to happier employees and increased productivity!

5. Better Time Management And Overall Efficiency

When you utilize a cloud-based portal, you’ll be much more easily capable of managing your entire phone system in a more seamless manner. This management also applies to customer portals, which can help your business team stay focused on the tasks that add to your company’s bottom line.

When your team is managing their time more wisely and generally remaining more efficient on a daily basis, you’ll be blown away by just how far your financial growth can go!

6. Scaling Flexibility

Businesses are constantly growing or shrinking in overall size, and when your business is growing it traditionally means that you’d need to scale your communications system as your needs change.

But one great aspect of cloud based business phone systems is that you’ll be allowed to add an unlimited amount of employee extensions into your system, and it’s always really simple to deactivate any extra extensions. You’ll only need to pay for the extensions that you need, and you can make changes to these extension needs as your company’s size fluctuates.

7. Improving Your Overall Customer Service

With features like Auto Attendant and Virtual Receptionist, your business team can be more readily available to direct calls to the correct departments and creating greetings for each unique department.

An example of this would be to create a holiday greeting that your callers would receive when calling your business, and you can also include special promotions and answering common questions while callers are waiting on hold.

Cloud based business phone systems truly go a long way when it comes to improving customer service in a whole variety of ways, and it goes to show that your customers truly will appreciate the seamless and convenient nature associated with these types of phone systems!

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