Five Benefits of Zultys Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Small businesses absolutely love the many benefits of our Zultys phone systems!

zultys pbx phone systems

Zultys phone systems are specifically designed to provide small businesses with a cost-effective solution for their data storage and VoIP strategies. These products are incredibly popular for their intuitive user interface, powerful apps/features, and seamless desktop integration.

We offer several Zultys models that are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, which provide flexibility for single-office businesses and companies with multiple locations. All Zultys models include incredible features, including:

  • HD audio quality
  • Voicemail integration
  • Web browser configuration access
  • Auto attendant
  • Call routing
  • And A LOT more!

Overall, Zultys phone systems provide a cost-effective, reliable solution for any small business that needs to upgrade their telecom system. These phones are essentially the perfect choice for any business, and below we’ll be detailing five important benefits of Zultys phone systems that specifically apply to small businesses!

1. Improving Your Customer Service

Zultys phone systems make it easier for small businesses to improve their customer service strategies by quickly and professionally answering all incoming calls. These cutting-edge systems also make it seamless to forward calls to specific departments and specialists when necessary. Not only does this subsequently eliminate the general need for multiple business phone lines, but it also can help you save a ton of money as well!

There are many tech-savvy features connected to Zultys systems like auto attendant and call queuing that go a very long way to make things easier on your customers when your team is busy. These features also allow your callers to more efficiently get in touch with the right people, and this subsequently creates a positive ripple effect toward bolstering your customer loyalty and overall satisfaction!

2. Increasing Your Team’s Mobility

Small business owners can utilize Zultys systems to offer more remote working opportunities for their teams, which is great when your company requires you to stay connected while on the go. All your team members will need is internet access to make and receive calls, send messages, and even host video conferences with your colleagues and clients.

This increased mobility is great when you need to stay connected while you’re away from your office, and it opens the door to a lot of untapped potential in terms of remote workers throughout the world!

3. Seamless Integration

Zultys phone systems are also designed for a seamless integration with your company’s other applications and devices. A common example of this would be integrating your new Zultys system with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

This type of integration can do wonders for your team’s productivity and overall efficiency, because you’ll gain access to your most relevant customer data while speaking with them.

Zultys systems can also easily be integrated with other types of software, including VoIP systems.

4. Low Maintenance

Zultys phone systems are also known for being very low-maintenance, which means they require little to no effort when it comes to keeping them up and running.

These systems feature an intuitive user interface that makes things easier on your entire team, so making the most of features and settings isn’t a hassle at all. Zultys phones are also incredibly durable, and they’re known for lasting much longer than other phone systems in today’s marketplace.

5. Cost Savings

Another huge benefit of Zultys phone systems is their ability to help small business leaders save money. You’ll see significant operational cost reductions when you make these telecom investments, and this is partly because they don’t require hefty up-front investments and ongoing maintenance fees like other phone systems do.

And because your calls are being routed through the Web, you’ll end up saving a lot on long-distance calls and other charges!

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Small businesses can take advantage of many benefits when they invest in our Zultys phone systems, and we’re here to help you understand just how valuable these all-in-one Unified Communications solutions can be for you and your team.

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