7 Key Factors When Investing In A Data Center

If your business requires a reliable data center to fulfill your IT needs, then you’ll need to do your homework to invest correctly!

Data storage and information management is now one of the top commodities throughout the entire world, and every business knows how tons of valuable information is stored within the Internet today.

There’s A LOT riding on security and professional data storage, and the Data Talk team is always very proud to provide our clients with reliable data management within our state-of-the-art data centers. Our storage capabilities make us a great option for both small and large businesses, and we understand just how important it is for business leaders to do their research while making these vital investment decisions.

Below are seven key factors that you should keep in mind when you’re in the process of investing in a data center!

1. Location

The location of your data center is actually an important factor to keep in mind, even though you’ll be able to essentially invest in a data center located anywhere!

One common example of data center location priority is when a business just so happens to be located in an area that’s prone to natural disasters. In this scenario, it’s best to invest with a data center that’s in a different power grid and won’t be impacted by the same weather patterns as your company’s office.

It’s also always best to work with a data center that’s easily accessible, and a common scenario in this regard is when IT specialists need to do upgrades or maintenance work. Of course, when you invest with a company like Data Talk, you can count on our IT guys to do all of this necessary work for you!

2. Reliability

Every data center requires power backups, so it’s important to know what a data center’s redundant systems are in case of emergencies. You’ll also want to verify that they have proper cooling and ventilation systems within their facility.

It can be absolutely catastrophic if your data center goes down for a significant period of time (over a week), so ensuring the reliability of your data center is critical for your company’s success!

3. Security

Security is always a top priority for every data center, but some data centers will be better equipped and prepared for potential cyber attacks than others. Your next data center should be utilizing cutting-edge technology and software to protect your company’s valuable assets, and the physical security at these facilities should also be comprehensive. This includes high-caliber surveillance, locks and security personnel.

4. Capacity For Network Services

It’s important for business leaders to remember that data centers can only do so much before they need to upgrade their own infrastructure, so it’s important to look into things like network speed, reliability and security to calculate a data center’s network strength.

You’re going to need to verify that a data center will be more than capable of handling your company’s future needs, particularly when it comes to increased bandwidth and server co-location.

5. Scalability & Flexibility

Many businesses are constantly experiencing pivots in projects and their unique requirements, and these companies need to partner with a data center that can keep up with your ever-changing variables and overall demands.

The good news is that there’s now many new types of technology that are helping data centers be more flexible for businesses of all sizes.

6. Emergency Backup Scenarios

Like we mentioned in an above section, every good data center is thoroughly prepared to mitigate risks and potential issues at their own facility.

Most data centers today will have a centralized UPS (uninterruptible power system) as their emergency backup power source. The purpose of these systems is to kick in automatically when more conventional power sources cut out in emergency scenarios.

As a business leader, you should always ask questions about a data center’s UPS and on-site backup generators to know how they’re prepared for the unexpected.

7. Reputation

Just like with any investment or hiring decision, you’re going to need to do your homework when it comes to understanding the reputation of a prospective data center. This means reading online reviews and getting real feedback from their current clients via their referral system. Testimonials are also a good place to look, but you should remember that most data centers will only showcase the testimonials that make them look good.

Getting objective information about these types of hiring decisions can sometimes be easier said than done, but with a little bit of prying you should be able to obtain the information you need to feel comfortable in partnering with them.

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