Common Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution That Business Leaders Should Know!

Automatic call distribution is an important feature to help prioritize your company’s calls!

automatic call distribution for cloud-based business phone systems

If your business handles a lot of calls on a daily basis, then you’re inevitably going to need a proficient call center. As most large businesses already know, managing a call center can be a lot easier said than done!

One of the key focuses of your company’s call center needs to be properly prioritizing your calls, and quickly responding to customer needs by routing them to the correct employee. One of the best ways to do this type of call prioritization is through what’s known as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

If you’re new to ACD, then that’s perfectly fine. The Data Talk team is here to support your company’s unique needs when it comes to handling high call volumes, and our specialists will help make your call center experience more easily manageable and enjoyable. This in turn goes a long way to boost your customer satisfaction and support strategies!

What Exactly Is Automatic Call Distribution, And What Are The Benefits of It?

ACD is a feature found within many business phone systems that helps companies automatically sort their inbound calls, and it does so by routing calls to the correct team members that are best suited to support specific customer needs. What’s great about automatic call distribution is that it avoids the scenario in which a customer will call your company and then need to be put on hold two or more times just to get to the correct person they need to talk with.

We all know just how frustrating that type of scenario can be, and the general goal of ACD is to make customer calls much easier and more efficient. Some of the many benefits associated with an ACD system include the following:

  • Limited wasted time
  • Improved call efficiency
  • Improved customer experience
  • More simplified employee training
  • And a lot more!

What Exactly Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) refers to a phone system feature that allows callers to use their keypad or voice to interact with an automated option menu, which efficiently helps each call be properly routed to the right people.

This type of info gathering is always one of the first steps within ACD, and the next steps are usually queuing and then routing. IVR ends up being a vital part of the call distribution process, because it’s the heartbeat of how calls are quickly routed to the right company representatives.

What Are The Different Types of Business Call Distribution Methods?

It’s important for business leaders to remember that IVR is just the initial stage of the ACD process, and that there are many different ways to actually distribute calls to your employees once your phone system knows where to route a specific caller.

A rotary distribution refers to rotating your calls between your call center employees, and fixed-order distributions sort calls chronologically and will distribute the caller to the next available agent. A simultaneous distribution method will send your callers to all your available agents, which of course is usually the fastest method. Skill-based distribution will utilize IVR data to route each call to team members that are best suited to handle specific customer needs, and talk-time distribution will balance call agent workload by monitoring how long each employee has been on the phone within any given day.

So as you can see, there are plenty of call distribution methods that your business is going to need to consider, but the good news is that the Data Talk experts are here to help you better understand what would work best for your company!

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