How A Cloud Phone System Can Help Grow Your Small Business!

There are many benefits of Cloud phone systems, especially for small businesses!

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Cloud phone systems support businesses of all sizes, and they’re quickly becoming the mainstream option for professional communication strategies. Cloud-based technologies have ushered in countless developments oriented around mobile devices, and the demand for Cloud technology has only increased since the emergence of remote working throughout recent years.

Expensive, on-site hardware is now a thing of the past due to the streamlined software solutions of today’s business world, and harnessing cutting-edge technological developments is simply par for the course when a business makes this type of telecom investment.

There are many incredible advantages for small businesses when they switch to a Cloud-based phone system, including:

  • Using scalable solutions to expand your entire organization
  • Eliminating on-site clutter that takes up your team’s budget
  • Increasing employee efficiency, productivity and responsiveness
  • Offering mobile apps that are convenient for remote workers
  • Integrating state-of-the-art, third-party software
  • Capitalizing on modern telephony’s latest features
  • And so much more!

In today’s ever-changing professional world, small business leaders understand just how quickly things can evolve—and that telecom technology can heavily influence how everyday operations are conducted. This is why every small business would be wise to consider their company’s telecom future, and embrace the tech-savvy advancements that’ll help you remain competitive within your industry!

How Cloud Phone Systems Help Small Businesses Streamline Their Communications

On-site phone systems are generally run by servers found within crammed telecom closets, and this hardware will regularly require software upgrades and upkeep. And as your telecom hardware gets older, it’ll inevitably degrade in terms of performance—which means your team will need to become increasingly more capable of handling malfunctions and breakdowns.

Cloud phone systems only require a monthly subscription that gives you access to an off-site server system, and these subscriptions generally are all-inclusive fees that don’t give room for usage fees or other hidden charges. This means that Cloud systems are more predictable for your budget.

The Data Talk team will also handle any maintenance or performance issues that you experience with your Cloud system, and this service can truly be invaluable toward your everyday operations. The most staggering difference between on-site phone systems and Cloud phone systems is hardware costs, because installation and maintenance fees can add up quickly with more outdated phone systems!

And as your small business begins to expand, you’ll likely need additional systems and tools to support your personnel increases. This is another area where Cloud systems truly shine as a cost-effective investment, because our team will support you with your company’s scalability and system maintenance. And with no expensive hardware, expanding your phone system has never been easier.

Cloud-based systems are also seamless when it comes to managing support issues, and most small business leaders understand just how big of an issue tech support can often be. The good news is that when you team up with Data Talk’s Cloud experts, you won’t experience any downtime that negatively impacts your operations.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Offer Many Great Features

Due to Cloud systems being oriented around an Internet connection, the features that come with them are also delivered virtually. This means that your phone system features won’t be limited to any availability issues that you have within your office, or your installed server type. With a Cloud system, you’ll be able to set up as many auto attendants, voice mail boxes, conference bridges and extension lines as you need!

You also won’t have to swap out your phone system’s components and hardware whenever new features are released, because our team will handle these upgrades for you. Some of the most popular features that small business leaders love about Cloud-based systems include:

  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Multi-party calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Hold music and messages
  • Interactive menus as auto attendants

Every small business needs to embrace modern technology in a whole variety of ways, and this also pertains to your team’s communication strategies. Cloud phone systems are by far more efficient as compared to outdated, on-site hardware systems that end up costing business leaders unnecessary expenses.

And what’s even better is that taking your small business into the Cloud has never been easier with the help of the Data Talk team!

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