How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Call Centers

Artificial intelligence is changing how call centers maximize their customer experience, and Data Talk’s technology has your team covered!

AI technology is revolutionizing call centers via unified communications

In today’s competitive workplace, customer experience truly is everything in terms of differentiating competitors from one another. In recent years, we’ve all seen how artificial intelligence (AI) has improved personal client communications, enhanced business productivity, increased overall customer retention and brand evangelism, and helped companies increase profit margins.

Below we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about how AI is continuing to revolutionize call centers from a customer experience standpoint!

How Exactly Is AI Changing Call Centers?

There have been many significant changes within call centers in recent years, and a lot of these changes are connected to AI technology. There are many different types of AI used in call centers, including:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Agents
  • Speech Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis

Customer service has benefitted in many different ways due to AI, and below are some of the ways that AI technology is revolutionizing call centers:

Predictive Call Routing

Call centers have actually been using software programs to route calls more efficiently for decades, and today, AI has expanded these capabilities by implementing what’s referred to as predictive call routing.

This new approach pairs callers up with AI personality models that are developed via contact center analytics. The result creates more efficient calls in which people are routed to call center agents who are perfectly suited to serve their unique needs.

AI-Powered Call Agents & Assistants

AI call agents and assistants have certainly grown a lot in popularity throughout recent years, and they’ve proven to be invaluable call center tools that do so much more than just provide callers with pertinent information. Without callers even realizing, these AI assistants are capable of analyzing data and developing insights for your call agents, which then allows your team to provide callers with faster and more superior results.

A caller’s written or spoken comments can be instantly analyzed by AI assistants, which then helps them discover what exactly they’re trying to accomplish with their call. So instead of offering solutions to your customers, your AI assistants will provide possibilities to your agents, who then can provide callers with great options and overall better customer service.

Emotional Intelligence AI

Emotional intelligence AI helps call centers analyze customer emotions throughout conversations. This type of technology can detect signs of annoyance, raised voices, prolonged silence, and many other hints to better grasp the emotional state of a customer.

As is easy to imagine, this type of AI system has been well-trained within cultural context and many different languages, so it’s now being used all throughout the world to help call center teams gauge a caller’s emotions.


AI technology is also being used in call centers to provide all sorts of in-depth data analysis, including initial issue resolution, call durations, and all sorts of crucial information.

AI analytic solutions can help businesses access consumer data and recognize patterns that allow managers to gauge the overall experience of customers. AI can subsequently provide more comprehensive data sets as compared to human managers, and these analytics are going a very long way for countless companies!

Common Benefits Of AI Technology In Call Centers

There are many different advantages of implementing AI call center software, and it’s been proven how AI technology optimizes call center operations in a variety of ways.

Some of the key benefits associated with AI technology in call centers include:

Improved Personalization

AI helps business teams in terms of adapting customer experience on a more personal level, and this pertains to both inbound calls and website traffic. The way this works is that the AI software will use customer data to develop general preferences that they’ll like, and this can manifest itself in the form of call items and website navigation.

In general, AI helps business teams to require less effort toward obtaining substantial increases in overall customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Team Communications

AI also helps call center teams to communicate with customers and one another a lot better, and this can take the form of virtual assistants that link callers with appropriate representatives. And as we all know, virtual assistants are truly invaluable for companies that experience a high daily call volume.

This type of AI technology not only increases customer satisfaction, but it also is beneficial in terms of saving your team a ton of time. This leads to improved communications, and it also helps businesses to provide their customers with engaging and timely dialogues/services.

24/7 Customer Support

A lot of customers can become irritated by slow responses and long waiting times, and this can be detrimental for a company’s bottom line. No one wants to jeopardize losing their most loyal customers, and AI tools are helping businesses to keep callers happy without needing to hire more full-time employees.

AI technology can help call centers be available for people on a 24/7 basis, even when your team is off duty. So a lot of your customers can have their questions and concerns answered whenever is most convenient for them, and AI will also let your team know when live agents may need to call a customer back for additional support during regular business hours.

Accurate Call Forwarding

AI has an unbelievable capacity to interpret a caller’s needs and direct them to the proper human advisors. AI chatbots have also improved dramatically in recent years, and in many situations, chatbots can solve a caller’s needs all on their own.

And when a caller is connected to one of your representatives, AI can support them by instantaneously providing them with background information and all sorts of valuable data that helps your team better understand what a caller may need.

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