Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch To Our Cloud-Based Unite Platform When Relocating

Relocating your office/facility is stressful, but switching to the Cloud can make these transitions a lot easier!

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Relocating is always a significant step for any business, and it’s why a lot of business leaders will reflect on their current telecom systems and consider upgrades during these transitions.

For a lot of business leaders, it’s a moment to recognize how times have changed, and that the telecom industry has increasingly transitioned to the Cloud. No one should feel tied down to their traditional phone system in 2023, because there are countless innovations that are making business practices easier, more efficient, and even more affordable.

All of us at Data Talk are proud to provide our Unite Platform, which is a cloud-based system that’s designed to guarantee that your team remains connected with one another and your customers—regardless of where your employees are located. We’ve even created a mobile app that makes conducting complex business procedures easier and more convenient than ever before!

Some of the most popular features associated with Unite include:

  • Video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Business texting
  • File sharing
  • Data storage
  • And much more!

So there’s absolutely no reason why transitioning businesses should hold themselves back with outdated telecom technology, and below we’ll be explaining more about why our Unite Platform is a great option for you and your company!

What Our Past Customers Are Saying About Unite Cloud Communications

We’ve supported hundreds of relocating businesses in recent years who’ve transitioned from traditional business phone systems to our United Cloud Communications Platform, and the following is what we keep hearing time and time again:

  • Their traditional, on-premise system was much less affordable than they originally thought once they considered the costs associated with phone lines, upgrades, and hardware replacements.
  • They love the consolidation of their applications that support all of their business communications under one roof, and they’re saving hundreds of dollars per year per employee by using the Unite app.
  • Businesses have needed to adjust to changing consumer demands, including being reachable by text during non-business hours.

If you’re concerned about your company’s communication and data storage strategies, then our Unite Platform could be just what you need to maintain productivity and organization while your business is relocating!

When You Should Consider A Switch To A Cloud-Based Phone System

When you’re considering your company’s impending office location switch, you’ll have a good opportunity to reevaluate your essential business systems. Although there are many scenarios in which switching to an Office in the Cloud is a good idea, the following are some solid reasons to make the switch:

Your PBX System Is Over Five Years Old

There have been a ton of technological advancements in the telecom industry throughout recent years, so even if your system is just five years old, it’s likely a good time to make an upgrade. Not only have outdated PBX systems reached the ends of their technological development, but businesses will eventually see a shortage of technical support and replacement parts for these older systems as well.

Switching to a hosted provider like Data Talk can help bring your business out of the dark ages and into the tech-savvy Cloud. And you’ll be surprised by just how affordable these types of investments generally are!

Downtime During Your Relocation Would Be Unaffordable

Traditional phone systems experience all sorts of issues when it comes to relocating, because you’ll need to temporarily forward your phone line in order to be reached.

But with a cloud-based phone system, your relocation process will be seamless. There’s minimal hardware necessary for these system setups, and your phone lines will remain active throughout your move. 

You Want To Implement New Features & Integrations Into Your Telecom Strategies

Moving your phone system to the Cloud will allow you to gain access to all sorts of valuable features, including a unified communications system that allows for things like video calling, voice calls, call recording, HD audio, and so much more.

Voicemail to email and automatic call forwarding are also very valuable features that many transitioning businesses love about Cloud systems. You’ll also be able to integrate crucial business software like CRM platforms that’ll help your team increase business intelligence and overall productivity.

You’re Trying To Future-Proof Your Business Communications

Cloud-based phone systems like our Unite Platform require little from business leaders, because it’ll essentially be on the Data Talk team to ensure that your system is well-equipped with the latest advancements as they’re released. And from a business owner’s standpoint, this makes Cloud transitions an incredible long-term investment that future-proofs your maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades.

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Data Talk is here to help your business during relocations and times of transition, and we’ll be there for you when you feel as though outdated technology is holding you back.

Upgrade your phone system to our Unite Platform today and experience the benefits of a modern, flexible communication system.

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