What Business Leaders Should Know About Call Queuing!

Call queuing is an important business phone system feature for countless companies, and here’s our overview of this valuable feature!

call queuing in a voip phone system

Every business has to take their customer service seriously, because anything less than excellent customer care could put a company’s reputation in jeopardy in the age of online reviews.

It’s your goal as a business leader to provide unparalleled customer service in comparison to your competitors, and there are many ways to go about accomplishing this type of achievement. Working with a telecom provider like Data Talk for your business phone system needs is one way that you can improve your team’s response time, which subsequently boosts your customer experience and improves your most valuable metrics.

Our phone systems are jam-packed with awesome features, and one very useful feature to support your customer experience is call queuing. Below we’ll be delving deeper into what call queuing entails, and why it’s so important for business leaders everywhere!

What Exactly Is Call Queuing?

As a lot of business owners know all too well, countless companies receive hundreds, if not thousands, of customer calls on a daily basis. Each of these calls are coming from individuals with specific assistance needs, and it can be difficult to keep track of all these calls without proper telecom technology and sheer manpower.

As a result of busy schedules and hectic call centers, call queuing is one of the most valuable features found within VoIP phone systems. When you’re getting countless, simultaneous calls, some callers will be helped via an auto attendant while others in need of employee support will be placed into a queue. Callers will then be helped by your team based upon the order in which they called you.

So, call queuing does a wonderful job at keeping your team organized and helping customers as efficiently as possible.

How Exactly Does Call Queuing Work?

The process involved with call queuing is relatively straightforward in terms of how call centers and business teams conduct their customer service.

Firstly, a customer will call your number and be connected to your auto attendant system. This will include a welcome message, as well as various customer options to help route the call accordingly. Once the customer selects a certain option that requires employee assistance, they’ll be placed into the queue and provided with an estimated wait time.

This is where things get interesting, because these days customers don’t have to stay on the line to keep their place within the queue. If they want to, they can reserve their spot in the queue, hang up, and wait for your team to call them back when it’s their turn. So, gone are the days of waiting 30-40 minutes on hold just to speak with a customer support representative!

Business leaders will also have the option to route call queues in specific ways. This means you could distribute the callers based upon a customer service agent’s expertise, or who has been waiting the longest.

What Are Some Common Signs That Your Business Could Benefit From Call Queuing?

Although there are many signs that businesses could benefit from call queuing, below are some of the most common:

  • Your revenue fluctuates throughout the course of each year, and certain seasons typically have longer call queues than others.
  • Your company has a limited number of call center agents who answer customer service calls.
  • Your existing phone system doesn’t have good enough call management capabilities.
  • Your customer wait times are currently very long.

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