What Exactly Is WAN, And How Does It Help Your Business Networking?

Business networking is huge for companies of all sizes, and WAN can support your digital efforts!

WAN (wide area network) helps businesses with their data networking

Countless businesses have turned to WAN in recent years, which stands for wide area network. WAN has been an incredibly valuable feature for companies that are looking to improve their business networking, and the Data Talk team is here to help your brand’s network become more efficient and cost-effective.

WAN has been proven to be a useful way for businesses to share large amounts of data between employees, contractors, vendors and customers all over the world. As is easy to imagine, WAN capabilities have been incredibly useful during the recent Zoom Boom that has seen countless people turn to remote working.

Business networking is just one of the many benefits associated with WAN, and below we’ll be going over some of the ways that WAN investments can support your company’s networking needs!

Decreasing Your Overhead Costs

When your business invests in WAN, you’ll end up relying on your broadband internet connection more. As cloud-based applications become more popular amongst business professionals, it’ll become more important for business leaders to remain cognizant of their data usage.

Increased data usage can ultimately end up increasing your overhead costs, but WAN investments via Data Talk can help your team to more easily access the cloud and reap the rewards of low-cost Web access.

When you team up with our experts and ensure your proper network setup, you’ll also ensure lower overhead costs!

Securing Your Company’s Network Security

Although there are countless benefits associated with cloud-based transitions for business purposes, it’s also crucial to keep potential security risks in mind. Cybersecurity has become one of the top concerns amongst business professionals in recent years, and for good reasons.

The good news is that WAN investments offer cutting-edge security strategies that make the most of VPN functions and firewalls. There are many security solutions associated with these types of business data storage investments, including:

  • NGFW
  • IPS
  • Encryption
  • And a lot more!

This level of increased cybersecurity can help businesses prevent legal issues, data loss, and potential worker downtime.

Improved Cloud-Based Data Services

There’s no denying how countless businesses are jumping into cloud-based data services, and this is partly because there are a lot of apps and software programs to choose from these days.

And the good news about cloud-based services when it comes to WAN investments is that you and your team will have full access to your apps no matter where you’re located and without needing to connect to a data center.

Helping your employees to directly access their cloud needs is crucial in today’s workplace, because adaptability has become one of the go-to strategies during the Zoom Boom!

WAN Is Very Easy To Use

A lot of businesses rely heavily on digital investments and initiatives, and most of these digital platforms end up creating more headaches for IT teams.

WAN infrastructure from Data Talk helps ease the difficulties associated with digital transformations, and this also goes a long way to manage traffic to websites and phone systems as well.

Improved Network Performance

Traffic comes in all different shapes and sizes, and WAN investments can help you to prioritize what’s most important for your team (like VoIP needs).

By investing in high-performance connections to support your critical applications, you can subsequently boost your team’s productivity and make your entire company a lot happier!

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