Why Many Columbus Area Schools Need To Update Their Phone Systems!

The phone systems at many schools in Columbus are wildly outdated and in need of an update!

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We’ve supported many schools throughout the Columbus metro area with phone system upgrades in recent years, so we understand just how outdated the telecom technology is at countless educational institutions throughout our local area. We even sometimes come across legacy systems that date back 20-30 years!

A lot of school administrators aren’t aware of what they’re missing out on with the latest business phone systems that are available in today’s marketplace, and our team is here to help usher schools into the Digital Age and help educators make the most of the latest industry features and tech advancements.

Below, we’ll be delving deeper into the common issues that legacy school phone systems typically have and what schools can benefit from when they invest in a modernized VoIP phone system with the help of the Data Talk experts!

What Are Legacy Phone Systems, And How Are They Detrimental For Educators?

Legacy phone systems aren’t just found at schools; they are technically any phone systems that use traditional landlines via local telephone company services. Many schools will also have an on-site central processing unit, which is usually ancient and lacks modern-day features.

What’s even more bizarre about legacy phone systems is that they’re surprisingly expensive to operate, and even 10-15-year-old systems have become outdated due to the expansive changes happening throughout the telecom industry.

Common Drawbacks of Legacy Phone Systems

Your business or school’s older phone system might help you answer calls and receive voicemails, but most legacy systems need to be replaced.

Here are some of the common drawbacks associated with legacy phone systems:

  • They’re expensive. Legacy phone systems require all sorts of complex hardware, and this type of hardware often requires recurring fees in the form of upgrades, maintenance, and technical support. Schools must also pay extra for features like webinars and video conferencing when they’re stuck in the telecom industry’s Dark Ages!
  • Prone to natural disasters. Dangerous weather events like heavy snow, ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, and severe thunderstorms can potentially impact a legacy phone system’s functionality. When your area’s power lines go down, so does your traditional phone system.
  • Cyberattack susceptibility: Ransomware and other cyberattacks are too common in today’s Web-based society, and outdated phone systems are known to be especially prone to cyberattacks. The good news is that cloud-based phone systems are much more reliable regarding cybersecurity.
  • Your school’s staff remains less mobile: Just like at any other business, schools are rapidly changing the conventional interpretation of the workplace. These days, teachers and administration workers need to remain connected during non-business hours, and this can be more complicated without the conveniences of modern phone systems. Increased flexibility is a huge benefit of any VoIP system, which is why every school loves the changes that come with these telecom investments!

It’s Simply Time To Bring Your School’s Phone System Into The Cloud

Today’s cloud-based phone systems utilize VoIP technology, which allows people to make calls and collect data through an internet connection. VoIP is now the go-to telecom strategy due to its cost-effectiveness and versatile features, and schools of all types are now improving their communication networks through these tech advancements.

Schools can now bypass the services of traditional phone companies and get out of analog purgatory, and the best part is that making the switch to the Cloud is actually more affordable than maintaining a legacy phone system. Because after all, cloud-based phone systems largely only require schools to have a high-speed Web connection!

Common Benefits of VoIP Technology

There are many different benefits that schools can obtain when they invest in VoIP technology, including:

  • More affordable: Many schools save up to half of their telecom budget when they make the switch to VoIP systems, and this also pertains to phone systems with a large number of users.
  • Improved call quality: When your voice is packed into data bits via the internet during phone calls, it results in a much clearer, digitized sound. There really is no comparison when you contrast the call quality between digital and analog!
  • Incredible features: VoIP technology opens up countless doors for your phone system, and this comes in the form of many modern features. Some of the most popular VoIP features include call queues, auto attendants, and call recording.
  • Optimized communication tools: There are also many tech-savvy functions that you can integrate into your VoIP phone system, including video calling and webinar, and your guests and co-workers will all be able to join these digital meetings straight from their phones.

Reach Out To Data Talk When Your Columbus School Wants To Upgrade Its Phone System!

Data Talk has supported the Columbus metro area for over 60 years, and we continue to support schools and educational institutions with VoIP and cloud-based upgrades.

Our team is here to help make life easier for educators, and you can contact us online or call 614-784-7100 to speak with our industry specialists today about what sort of telecom upgrades you’re looking to implement at your school or business!